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TV Series as an Inspiration for Video Games

Lately, I have played two games which I have really liked: Quantum Break, Remedy Studios’ Microsoft exclusive third-person-shooter, released a few weeks ago, and Until Dawn, Supermassive Games’ interactive slasher movie, which was released in August 2015 on PlayStation 4 (except I hadn’t had the chance to try it ever since). Although these two games are very different, they …

Bad Critics

French Politicians, Buy Yourselves A Console

French Socialists, what is your problem with video games? A few months ago, in the first article of my blog, I quoted the leader of the French Socialist Party, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, who said that “PS stands for Parti Socialiste, not for PlayStation, which is about shooting down everyone as fast as possible”. Cambadélis used this phrase to …