About the blog

banner-faqWhat is Artcore Gamer? – Artcore Gamer is a blog that studies and analyses the cultural and artistic aspects of video games. It aims at proving that video games are a form of art.

Who’s behind this blog? – My name is Nicolas Lafarge, but the Internet also knows me as @nicotoutcourt. I am no fount of science as far as arts are concerned, and I don’t claim my opinions about video games to be the absolute truth – I am just interested in sharing my passion and my perspective on the gaming industry as a whole. If you’re interested in learning a little bit more about myself, check out this page.

Why was this blog created? – When I claim that “video games are a form of art”, people sometimes seem surprised. Video games can be underestimated, accused of being too violent or addictive. Being a gamer myself, I have often had to justify my passion for video games, as people would sometimes call me a child or a nerd. The goal of this blog is to try to see past the negative prejudices by proving that there is food for thought and wonderment in video games, just as in literature or cinema – arts, in general.

What kind of content will I find here? – This blog mainly provides articles of analysis as well as reviews about video games, whether general or focused on one game in particular. Although I try to cover all kinds of genres and subjects, I am likely to dwell a lot more upon the games which I play and like myself – since I play all kinds of games, that’s still a lot. Below is a list of all sections of my blog:

  • Analysis – This section is where I focus on specific games, scenes, characters, musics, etc., in order to analyse them closely.
  • Movements & Trends – If video games are a form of art, it means there are different genres and visions of it – which I’ll try to distinguish in this section.
  • What I’m Playing – I play a lot – this section allows me to share my opinion about some of the games I play.
  • Fanart – Gamers can be creative, too! This section highlights some of the greatest fan creations: artworks, covers, etc.
  • Art Gallery – Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. In this section I post images, soundtracks or quotations extracted from what I think are the most inspirational video games.
  • Legacies – Artists always find inspiration in past works of art. In this section, I’m coming back in time to focus on the works that have inspired the making of some video games.
  • Bad Students – Not everyone shares my opinion about video games. This section lists the most critical opinions I could find on the matter, along with the absolute evidence that they are wrong and I am right. Of course.
  • Portraits – This section focuses on the various artists who create video games – game designers, writers, producers, composers, actors, etc.
  • Musings – This fancy title hides a catch-all category in which I post every article I couldn’t categorize somewhere else. And I’m okay with it.

Is this blog available in other languages? – Yes and no. When I started this blog in 2015, I wanted to write in both French and English, so as to share my passion and opinions with my English-speaking friends. As time went on, it became kind of tiresome to publish articles in two languages, and as of 2020, I started posting in French only. The English version of the blog remains available for you to read, but it is no longer updated.

How can I subscribe to this blog? – Just open the menu and fill in the subscription form with your e-mail address to receive all articles I publish directly in your mail box. You can also follow me on social media.