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When I was born, I was holding a computer mouse in my left hand and a PlayStation controller in my right hand. I have been playing video games ever since I was little, probably because I wanted to imitate my parents, who had themselves spent countless nights playing Sonic or Tomb Raider. When winter came, I would break crates in Crash Bandicoot, collect gems in Spryo the Dragon, and lock the butler in the refrigerator in Tomb Raider. When summer came, I would run in my garden and pretend to shoot my dog with make-believe pistols, as if I were Lara Croft in front of dangerous wolves (I was a very imaginative kid).

Today, I no longer pretend to be Lara Croft in my garden (though I still want to, sometimes) – so when winter comes, I play video games, and when summer comes, I play some more. The games I love most are action/adventure games, platform games and survival/horror games. I do however like all kinds of games, except maybe fighting games, sports games and first-person shooters, which I hardly ever play. My favourite games are those that make you feel emotions of some sort, and games that are created by passionate people. If I had to keep only one video game character in my life, I would most likely pick Lara Croft, who has always been, and will probably always be my heroine.

I am curious and imaginative, which is why I’m interested in a lot of subjects. I speak French and English fluently, and also a little bit of Spanish. When I am not playing games, I enjoy reading and doing a lot of useless stuff, such as spending time on Twitter or, well, eating. By the way, I’m also quite good at cooking. Or so I’ve been told.

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